On behalf of the executive board and myself we would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.  In the new year the executive board would like to increase our membership and also our participation at all M.S.B.C.A functions.  I encourage every one to be an active participant in events and with the legislative cause.  For the next membership meeting on Febrauary 9, 2019, I encourage all of you to bring a fellow cotractor or more so that they may experience and understand what M.S.B.C.A is all about.  The legislative reception is being held on January 22, 2019 and it would be a perfect opportunity for everyone to meet their legislative representative.  In closing, communication and ivolement from our membership is critical to the success of this organization as a whole.  With this, M.S.B.C.A. will continue to help build strength, synergy and siccess four our industry.  Thank you for your continued support that helps us protect and grow our industry's future.




Robert “Squeak” Edwards, President