Maryland Transit Administration - Conversion to Electric Buses (Electric Bus Transition Act)

Prohibiting, beginning in fiscal year 2022, the Maryland Transit Administration from entering into a contract to purchase buses for the Administration's transit bus fleet that are not electric buses; requiring the Administration, on or before January 1, 2021, and each January 1 thereafter, to submit a report to certain committees of the General Assembly on the implementation of the Act; providing for the contents of the annual report;

State Department of Education - Guidelines on Trauma-Informed Approach

Establishing the Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative in the State Department of Education to expand the use of the trauma-informed approach used in schools and intensively train schools on becoming trauma-informed schools; requiring the Department to develop and distribute certain guidelines and to develop a website on the trauma informed approach; requiring, on or before July 1, 2020, the Department to select one school each from cert

Counties - Construction of Sidewalks and Crosswalks - Safe Alternative Routes to Public Schools

Requiring a county board of education to prepare and post on the county's website each year a report that identifies certain information related to transportation services for certain public school students and certain safe alternative routes; requiring the governing body of a county to construct sidewalks and crosswalks necessary to create safe alternative routes for public school students who are ineligible for transportation servic

Zero-Emission Electric School Vehicles - Inspections

Altering the length of time a zero-emission electric school vehicle may be operated from 12 years to 15 years, unless it fails to meet the applicable school bus and motor vehicle safety standards.

School Bus Purchasing – Zero–Emission Vehicle – Requirement

Requiring, beginning on October 1, 2023, that each school bus purchased by a county board of education be a zero-emission vehicle; requiring, beginning on October 1, 2026, that each school bus purchased by a certain person for use under a certain contract with a county board be a zero-emission vehicle; etc.

Education - Length of the School Year - Declared State of Emergency (Kathryn Marie Carmello’s Law)

Authorizing a county board of education to decrease the length of the school year for each school day affected by a declared state of emergency for certain public schools without approval of the State Board of Education; and repealing a provision of law authorizing the State Board to open schools on holidays in the case of emergency.

County Boards of Education - Student Transportation - Vehicles

Authorizing a county board of education to provide transportation to and from school for certain students using a vehicle other than a Type I or Type II school vehicle when a school vehicle cannot reasonably be provided.

Vehicle Laws - School Bus Safety - Occupant Capacity

Prohibiting the number of pupils on a school bus from exceeding the seating capacity of the school bus.